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Since 2007, AromaFarma was established as a diversified farm dedicated to produce medicinal and aromatic plants of the finest quality. Our vast technical knowledge of herb growing goes back to over 30 years, allowing us to follow the best practices in seeding, irrigating, yielding, drying, sorting and packaging of herbs. Besides, the farm is located in Fayom, Egypt, an ideal farming region where all climate and soil requirements are perfectly met. The quality and variety of products, along with our professional trading ethics, have set AromaFarma among the best growers and suppliers of herbs in the Middle East.

Finest Quality

Good Agricultural Practices

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Our Products

AromaFarma offers a variety of medicinal and aromatic plants including chamomile, spearmint, peppermint, calendula, and others. 

Chamomile is really a very special herb. People have been drinking it since the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks and every kid has enjoyed a cup before bedtime. Egypt is one of the best countries producing chamomile thanks to the perfect growing conditions available there such as the sandy loam and nutrients of the Nile. Egyptian chamomile is renowned for its many health benefits and aromatic, calming taste. It is also caffeine free.

Production Process 

Herb production involves a complex series of processes to provide the final product.

1. Cultivation

Preparing land, planting seeds, managing water, and nutrients

2. Harvest

Manual and automatic harvesting of mature crop on regular basis

3. Drying

Natural drying of herbs benefiting from the abundant solar energy

4. Sorting

Cleaning, sieving and sorting by client’s requirements

5. Packaging

Packing herbs in card boxes and paper bags

6. Exporting

Testing sample, completing formalities and sending shipping paper to client

Grown with passion and brought to you with much love.

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Farmland: Km 64 Cairo-Assuit Western Desert Road, Fayoum Sons New Agricultural Society, Tamiya, Fayoum.

Head Office: 311 Bank Misr Bldgs., A1, Khatem Elmursalien St., Omrania, Giza, Egypt.

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